Bike Transport From Bangalore to Bhopal

Bike Transport From Bangalore to Bhopal

Let me tell you that I have been looking for a good bike moving service for a long time, but I still cannot find a single shifter! My friend told me that the officer in my office took help from a bike shifting company last weekend.

He is aware of thefts and bad experiences related to luggage and Bike Shifting Services. Was scared to choose one of the shifter listed on the internet. Because without knowing someone it is difficult to trust and find someone who meets your needs. For Bike Shifting from Bengaluru to Bhopal customers do not have time to drive their bike. Seeing the shifter struggle worries me, as I have been writing content on bike logistics service for a while now.

The whole process motivates me to write where I can clear the doubts of people. This article is definitely a complete piece of information, tips, best practices and transport companies that provide Bike Shifting Services from Bangalore to Bhopal.

How to transport bike from Bangalore to Bhopal?

There are various bike shipping methods by which you can move your two-wheeler easily. Here I have listed some common ways to transport bikes.

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Transport your vehicle from Bangalore to Bhopal by road

Bike transfer by road is one of the safest and most reliable ways to transport your two-wheeler. The plus side of opting for road bike shifting services in Bangalore is that the transporters provide door-to-door delivery right from the packaging of your vehicle. You can choose bike transportation method by choosing any of the following moving method.

Open Bike Carrier Trailer


  • Safe Bike Shifting at low cost
  • Bike Moving Service Easily Available
  • Transport More Than One Bike


  • Bike keeps in touch with environment
  • Your bike is prone to dust

Closed Bike Carrier Trailer


  • Best to protect your bike
  • You can transport multiple bikes without mud


  • This feature is expensive
  • Takes a little longer

Take Bike Transport from Bangalore to Bhopal by Train

One way is that you can transport your two wheeler with the help of bike moving services provided by the Indian Railways. Railways have some special guidelines for parceling your bike. Their sites have an online price set according to which you have to pay for their facilities.

To opt for bike courier by train, you need to have the proper documents at the time of booking your vehicle by visiting the railway station. If, in any case, you cannot take your vehicle on time, you will have to pay a fixed amount per additional hour for your two-wheeler.

The usual average rate of bike transportation by train from Bangalore to Bhopal is Rs. 8500 to Rs. 12000 (depending on the weight of the bike haulage).


  • Trusted & Verified Bike Shifting Services
  • Zero chance of fraud and theft
  • Budget Friendly Bike Moving Service


  • No door-to-door Pickup and Delivery
  • No Packing Facility

Bike Shifting Charges Bangalore to Bhopal

Service Type100-150cc Bike150-200cc Bike200-250cc250-300cc
Bike Carrier3500-40004500-50005500-60006500-7000
By Train2500-30003500-45004500-55005500-6500
Note:- The above bike shifting charges are approximate and vary according to bike type, weight and distance traveled

Steps to Book a Professional Bike Transport Company in Bangalore

Before booking the top bike transport company, let us find out how to choose the best bike moving company for bike shipping service from Bangalore to Bhopal. Here below are some of the ways in which you can choose the best bike moving company in Bangalore.

Expertise: The first way to identify the best bike transport firm is to check their years of experience that they have been serving in this moving market. Be sure to check their credentials, reviews and testimonials from past customers yourself.
Transparency: Another main thing that you need to check about Professional Packers and Movers Bangalore is the transparency of their bike transport pricing structure. Professional bike packers and movers know how to earn the trust of their customers and they do not charge anything extra after bike delivery. Whatever bike packing and moving charges they are charging, they give you a complete, detailed quote and proper documentation for the same.
Trained Staff: A Professional Bike Parcel Company in Bangalore always employs trained professionals in its expert teams. An experienced team that can handle such tasks in every situation and will take care of the entire phase from proper bike packaging process to its loading and unloading. The members of the professional bike shipping company also know how to be friendly with their customers, they are not rude to their customers in any way. They value the dignity of each customer, understand their needs and are able to patiently resolve their queries.
Adequate Manpower: This is one point of the transfer phase that most of the clients tend to ignore and sometimes clients like you may forget to check this aspect. Make sure that, while choosing a Reliable Bike Transport Service in Bangalore, you check their staff strength and hard work. Late full shifting and transfer will be delayed due to insufficient manpower.

These are the transfer methods that will help you choose the best bike transport company for you.

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