Car Transportation Services in Kolkata

Curious to know how to move your car from Kolkata to another city? Here is a good alternative to the ultimate “car transportation cost calculator” which can get you many elements to estimate the cost of “car transportation services” from one city to another. Moving a car can prove to be a costly affair. You need to know exactly how much it costs to shift your car to another city. City to city car moving services cost is not fixed by car transport companies in Kolkata but you can calculate the exact same information by using our car shifting cost calculator. We have designed Online Car Transportation Cost Calculate Services to help you get the most accurate cost price estimation. We can give you the best options to move vehicles safely from one city to another.

Car Transportation Services in Kolkata

Guide To Hiring Car Transport Services In Kolkata

Are you looking for affordable car carrier services in Kolkata? If yes then your search ends here at APL India Packers and Movers online platform providing the best service. We are providing affordable and reliable car shifting services in various major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Noida, Greater Noida, Nagpur, Raipur, and Chennai. We can help you find the best car transport service in your city Kolkata, and we transport your car from your current city to your desired city anywhere in India, safely and under the utmost care.

We, Kolkata Packers and Movers are providing a range of safe shifting and all transportation-related services. Car Moving Service is one of the premier relocation services that you can get from us. In order to deliver the best quality car moving service at your doorstep, we have entered into collaborations with some of the top car moving companies. We can help you choose the “best car moving service” based on your actual car shipping needs. For example, if you are moving from Kolkata to Bangalore with all your household items including your car, we can also provide you with the best packers and movers services in Kolkata who will take care of all your home relocation needs including car transportation. If you just want to take your car to another city, we can suggest to you the best and “damage-free car transport services“.

Best Car Transportation Services in Kolkata

We carry out your car transportation plan smoothly with fully attested documents. We want your car transportation steps to be experiential and easy with our cooperation. Thus, hiring a car carrier and full-load transport services through our portal can be a safe and hassle-free experience for you. Additionally, you can hire a reputed and reliable car moving company for “car transportation services” at very affordable and genuine rates in just one click. Our cooperative car transport teams use specially built “car carrier vehicles” and adequate transport equipment to send your car safely from one city to another with minimum time bombs.

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2- Get free estimates (quotes) in minutes for top car transport services in Kolkata!

3- Choose the “best car transport company” based on shifting rates and quality of services.


Approx. Car Transportation Charges in Kolkata

There is no fixed price for car transport services in Kolkata, the cost of different car transport companies is different. Thus, the car shifting cost may also be different. The transfer price depends on the distance from your current city to the destination city and the size and model of the car. For example, the cost of “car transportation from Kolkata to Delhi” and the cost of “car transportation from Kolkata to Chennai” can be completely different prices. “Transport services” over long distances will cost more as fuel consumption and state customs duty are higher if the transport truck has to cover longer distances. But mostly, professional car shifting companies in India use two types of car carrier vehicles – open car carrier vehicles and attached car carrier vehicles. There are many other factors that may affect the final cost of car moving services for using attached car carrier services to transport your car.

Rates for Car Transport Services in Kolkata

Car transportation costs depend on the distance, size, and model of the car. The cost of car transport services in Kolkata is up to 600 km. approx. Rs 9000 to 12000, and from Kolkata 600 km. to 1000 km. approx. Rs 10000 to 14000. From Kolkata 1000 Kms to 2000 Kms Rs 14000 to 18000. Let us inform you that this is an estimated cost and this cost may increase depending on the size and weight of the car.

Car simplifies the transportation system of our life. Car plays an important role in every aspect of our lives, be it reaching the office on time to spending some quality time with our family on long drives. Our memories are attached to it and being separated from our beloved car that too just because of the transfer process are some steps that are hard to bear. Since the car is a part of our life, and hence home transfer, as well as car transport, has become an important concept. While shifting to a new place, every person has to make big decisions like what to take and what not to take while moving to a new home.