How to Safely Pack and Move Paintings and Antique Goods


It can be a daunting task to pack and move all your valuables and delicates when moving to a new home or city. When you’re busy packing furniture and large household items, packing art, paintings, mirrors, antiques and other delicates can be a daunting and responsible task. Imagine protecting those gift items such as china dinnerware, decorating items, or porcelain sets that you received on the occasion of your wedding anniversary or birthday – all of them require extra care at the time of relocation. Hence, the best option is to hire professional movers and packers company to shift fine art pieces and antiques. If you live in Ghaziabad, hire one of the best packers and movers in Ghaziabad to transport your valuables. In this article, you’ll learn how to pack and move artwork and antiques.

Start Packing With a List

During the packaging process, it is essential that you make an inventory of your artwork and antiques. This list lets you clearly see what items you can handle yourself while you move. You may leave other items such as fragile glassware and other valuables in the hands of a professional service provider.

Paintings and Antiques Goods Packing

Gather Enough Material for the Packing Process

Some packaging materials are needed for the packing of fragile items. Examples are cardboard boxes, corrugated sheets, frame boxes of different sizes, bubble wrap, packing tape, high-quality polythene sheets, wooden boxes, markers to highlight items, etc. Make sure that all these materials are ready for easy transportation and packing of the goods.

Stain Removal

If you have a beautiful easel for packing items, make sure that the packing tape or any other material you use doesn’t leave an etching or stain on that easel. The best option is to use high-quality materials to prevent breakage or damage to antique items like old-timey printed newspapers and parchment paper. Some of these materials can scratch your exquisite artwork.

How to Pack and Move Framed and Unframed Artwork

Using packing tape, make an X-shaped mark from the corrugated sheets on the glass cover. Since it is a fragile and glassy item, you need to pack its corners securely with a corner protector. This process will prevent fragile and glass items from being damaged during transport. After that, it is covered with bubble wrap, and after that seal the box with packing tape. Labeling on packaged boxes is important because items are easy to find and load/unload. If you want to pack multiple frames at once, use a single corrugated or wooden box with lots of cushioning or foam for added protection.

Unframed artwork requires a great deal of care when packing and loading. You can wrap your pictures in unprinted corrugated paper because it won’t react with the paint anyway. For added protection, use bubble wrap and a tape sheet of cardboard over the thermo-col. For packing small antiques, it is best to use corrugated packaging boxes or wooden boxes that are specially designed for transportation services. We hope that our tips for packing and moving antiques have been useful.

Safe Moving Follow Additional Steps

It is very important that you follow these steps carefully when packing your delicate paintings, paintings, and important antiques before loading them into the transport vehicle.

  • Carefully pack your valuable pictures and frames with a soft material like soft paper or foam
  • Protect the corners of your belongings by adding enough padding or using corner protection
  • To provide extra protection to those delicate items, use old cloth, foam, or crumpled paper.
  • To protect glassware, consider a triple layer of corrugated sheets.
  • If the luggage size is large, you can disassemble the parts and pack them separately

Hiring a Professional Packers and Movers

Are you still thinking about relocating how to safely move expensive art and antiques because it is out of your scope? Find professional Packers & Movers in Delhi to handle your moving situation. The best and most professional packers and movers in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, and other parts of India will bring you specialized loading and unloading equipment and experience to move your valuables.